Why do we choose small wind electric systems?

There are many reasons why people buy small wind turbine each year. Here are a few to help you make the step. First of all, a wind turbine will save you money. Historically electricity prices have increased. Electricity spending concerns us all and represents a significant spending for a household. Having a wind turbine will decrease your electricity bill. Moreover, in many countries if you produce more electricity than you need it can be sold to the power company and generate an income. And turbines also come in handy for people who live in remote areas far from power lines. Moreover wind energy has the advantage of being environment friendly, as it emits neither pollution nor greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. In fact in many countries the government provides financial support for the acquisition of a turbine. Today’s research has made wind turbines more reliable and effective but most importantly their price has become affordable for everyone. Furthermore through our technology, we have developed the features of Silent And Vibration –Free. Today this small investment can be paid back in 2 to 3 years.

We are one step away to a green earth !

  • 600W marine wind turbine

    600W marine wind turbine

    1. Quiet and vibration-free wind generator

    2. On grid and  off grid wind turbine system
    3. 12V, 24V, 48V models are available

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  • 1500W small wind turbine

    1500W small wind turbine

    1. Silent & Vibration Free

    2. High Efficiency 

    3. Perfect for Housing

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  • Small vertical wind  turbine X-H-5KW

    Small vertical wind turbine X-H-5KW

    Wind turbines which are a part of renewable energy has been playing a significant role in reducing our dependency on fossil fuels by offering some great solutions to generate electricity.

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